Partnering with the People of Kyrgyzstan


Rivers and Bridges Arizona (RBA) works with young professionals to build a cultural bridge between The United States and the Kyrgyz Republic.  RBA seeks to promote stronger ties and a fuller understanding of each culture through mentorship and cultural exchange for young Kyrgyz professionals.  We seek to empower these young Kyrgyz professionals to build and achieve their dreams in Kyrgyzstan.  Through these bridges of strong cultural exchange we hope to promote a strong democracy, an open and flourishing civil society, religious tolerance and growing respect for human rights in the Kyrgyz Republic.  RBA was also founded with an understanding that the promoting of cultural exchange has powerful benefits for U.S. participants as well.  Kyrgyz culture is a unique and irreplaceable part of the world's cultural tapestry.  Our work of promoting cross cultural exchange is accomplished through conducting professional workshops in the Kyrgyz Republic and through holding an event we call Camp Arizona.  Camp Arizona brings in young Kyrgyz professionals who have created proposals outlining new skills they would like to acquire to aid them in accomplishing their dreams for Kyrgyzstan.  RBA takes these proposals and matches the attendee with U.S. professionals to provides job shadowing, mentorship, professional training, and exposure to Western culture.  




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yurts in Kyrgyzstan

yurts in Kyrgyzstan